Research of Picea abies forests in Nature reserves


Short information: The aim is to study protected Picea abies forests and mainly the disturbances in them (windthrows, bark-beetle outbreaks, possibly fires in the past). The studies are supported by project funded nu the Swiss National Science Foundation (please, follow the link) and by the National Scientific Fund (DMU 02/22 2009). A special topic within it, namely the course of self-thinning processes in more-or-less even aged patches, possibly originating from stand-removal disturbances was a part of WSL-SLF (Davos, Switzerland) Project supported by the Velux Foundation. Study sites: "Bistrishko braniste" nature reserve (Vitosha Mountain) and "Parangalitca" Nature Reserve (Rila Mountains).

Contact person: Momchil Panayotov, e-mail: mp2@

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