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Subalpine forest development in Bulgarian Mountain Forests under climate change 04-11-2023 Project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. The aim of the project is to study unmanaged subalpine forests in Bulgaria and the possible effect of climate changes on them. We address topics like natural disturbance regimes of Picea abies, Pinus heldreichii and Pinus peuce forests, regeneration within them, possible effects of future warming and droughts, effects of mycorrhiza. Effects of avalanches on forest ecosystems 15-03-2024 A group of projects aiming at studying the reflection of avalanches on tree rings (mostly of Pinus peuce), dating past avalanches. The study site is the Northwest slope of Todoka Peak, Pirin Mts. Research of Picea abies forests in Nature reserves 05-11-2023 The aim is to study protected Picea abies forests and mainly the disturbances in them (windthrows, bark-beetle outbreaks, possibly fires in the past). The studies are supported by project funded nu the Swiss National Science Foundation (please, follow the link) and by the National Scientific Fund (DMU 02/22 2009). A special topic within it, namely the course of self-thinning processes in more-or-less even aged patches, possibly originating from stand-removal disturbances was a part of WSL-SLF (Davos, Switzerland) Project supported by the Velux Foundation. Study sites: "Bistrishko braniste" nature reserve (Vitosha Mountain) and "Parangalitca" Nature Reserve (Rila Mountains). Dendrochronological, Climatic and Historical Reconstruction of the Bulgarian Past, ca. 1500-2000 04-11-2023 Project funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria. The aim of this project is to study the variation of climate on the Balkan Peninsula during the last 500 yrs. and how it reflected in human lives. The ambitions of the mixed tree-ring researchers and historians team is to use several ways of getting information for the past - climate reconstructions based on tree-ring chronologies and historical reconstructions based on a variety of historical documents. Пространствено-времева реконструкция на летни температури за планинските райони на Кавказ и Пирин базирани на годишни пръстени 04-11-2023 Цел на проекта е да се извършат първи измервания на интензитета на синя светлина (Blue intensity, BI) на годишни пръстени на вековни дървета от черна мура (Pinus heldreichii) и бяла мура (Pinus peuce) от Пирин, да се изградят хронологии от тях, те да се тестват спрямо климатични редици и измервания на максимална плътност на късната дървесина (MXD) от същите видове. Studying the variation of tree ring width and anatomy of Pinus heldreichii and the effects of climate factors on it 04-11-2023 A group of several research projects aiming at better understanding the growth of the Balkan sub-endemic species Pinus heldreichii (P. leucodermis) Naturliche Dynamik von Lawinenschutzwaldern 04-11-2023 Project funded by the Velux Foundation; 2007-2011; Project leader: Dr. Peter Bebi (SLF); Bulgarian participation - Dr. M. Panayotov as investigator and responsible person for data collection and analysis from Bulgarian sites. Проучване отражението на лавини върху дървесни растения 04-11-2023 Работа по различни проекти с цел да се разбере повече за отражението на лавините (обект "СЗ склон на вр. Тодорка") върху радиалния прираст на дървесни растения, моментите на падане на големи лавини и др.
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